Makeup Review : TheBalm BatterUp stick eyeshadows


These waterproof stick eyeshadows by TheBalm have become my new favorite eyeshadows for easy and long lasting makeup.

They last without creasing or loosing intensity even during a hot summer.
They are very smooth to apply and can be blended easily as they don’t dry instantly.
They are also buildable, meaning, you can switch from a very natural look to a more intense and sophisticated one very quickly.

Here’s a swatch of the shades I bought :
Curveball is an orangey coral with golden shimmer
Dugout is a rich brown with copper shimmer
Moonshot is a pale pink with golden shimmer
Shutout is a neutral beige with golden shimmer


As much as I like these eyeshadows, I find them a little bit pricey.(about 20€) I had them on sale for half the price, which was a good deal and allowed me to try 4 shades.


Have you tried these eyeshadows or other products by TheBalm ?
Do you like stick eyeshadows from other brands ?

Share your thoughts !

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