Review : UBU angled make-up brush

Sometimes cheap make-up brands can be interesting, but this time I stumbled upon a make-up brush that turned really weird and I wanted to share the experience with you.


I bought it because I liked the angle shape of the brush,  thinking I could use it maybe for cream blusher and contouring, as an alternative to Real technique’s angle brush.

But the pink bristles simply don’t hold into the handle, and fall everywhere. They are quite soft, but smell awful like burnt plastic.

And the color of the bristles leaks. Pink foam when washing my make-up brushes came as a surprise.


And now, a couple month after buying it, look what grew into the cheap make-up brush. Gross.

I’ve washed piles of make-up brushes in my life, and I’m always very cautious about hygiene, but that never happened to me.

Have you had similar bad experiences ? Either with cheap make-up brands or high-ends ones ?






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