Review/Swatches : Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick

I saw these Max Factor jumbo lip pencils in one of Lisa Elridge’s video, and I wanted to try them. They turned out to be quite good indeed : long lasting,  comfortable, fragrance free and the colors are lovely. And not too pricey, which is always good.

max factor jumbo lip pencil
N°20 Subtle coral
N°50 : Hot chocolate
N°05 : Wild Orchid

Simple design, black jumbo pencils with name of the brand in gold letters on it.

Max fator ljumbo lip pencil
Top to bottom :
Subtle coral
Hot chocolate
Wild orchid
(bathroom light)

Subtle shades, giving a lot of light to the face, but not incredibly pigmented.

max factor lip colour
left to right
Wild orchid, Hot chocolate, Subtle coral



I have a pale skin with warm undertones, so I use hot chocolate (a soft shimmery brown) and subtle coral ( a glossy coral, perfect to warm up the look). I’d love to find the equivalent in organic brands, any ideas ?


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