How to make your make-up kit lighter.

As a make-up artist, you spend days on your feet, and have to carry heavy make-up cases. Here is how I manage to make my cases lighter.


  • Buy empty bottles and pots to carry just the quantity you need. If you’re doing only one look, you won’t need  gallons of make-up remover. You can use the flight kits in transparent zip bags. Also, keep the sample bottles you get when buying special offers, I know La Roche-Posay and Bioderma often five small bottles of make-up removers when you’re buying from them. Pro Make-up shops often have a range of little bottles, but quite pricy.
  • You can find PET bottles at Aroma zone, but I’d suggest you avoid the aluminium bottles, the neck is too sharp and I cut myself a few times on them.
  •  TKB Tradings (USA) has a very wide range, very interesting when buying in bulk.
  • Avoid heavy metal palettes, use intechangeables light palettes and pans. Many brand now have pans, such as make up for ever, atelier international de maquillage, yaby, maqpro… That works for lipsticks, pressed eyeshadows, powders and blushes.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for skincare samples when visiting beauty corners, so you’ll have a variety of skincare available in your kit without carrying all the pots.


  • The choice of the kit itself is very important too. Here are mine. I never bring all of them with me, some of them are just for storage because they’re not convenient on a job. Sorting the products to bring for each job is one of my favorite moments. I’d suggest you mostly use light, fabric cases and let the heavy metallic cases at home.


  • Here’s my favorite make-up case. It comes from Paris-Berlin, a professional shop in Paris. They made new versions available here. I love that it’s so light, and made out of a waterproof fabric. It contains multiples pockets and transparent bags, so you can see everything you have at once.


  • This is my little storage case. It’s from Atelier international de Maquillage. I found out that it wasn’t the most practical thing to bring on a job, since it’s heavy, the corners are quite sharp and you can’t pack that many products in it. It’s not deep enough for most of the products.


  • Here’s my hairdressing case. Also from Atelier international. Plenty of space to pack everything to do somebody’s hair . Main problem is, it’s not very stable on the shoulder and tends to fall upside down, so I’d suggest you don’t pack glass in it.


  • Here’s my special effects make-up case, found at Make Up For Ever. It’s way too heavy, even empty. But it’s convenient to store a lot of things, especially hazardous products used in SFX.  I use it for waxes, latex bottles, moustaches, hair, all those lovely crazy stuff.

How do you organise your make-up kits ?


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